LFR Studio

lfr studio

Low Frequency Recording Studio
Craig Bevan runs LFR Studio - he has over twenty years of experience as a recording and mastering engineer, programmer, and musician/composer, He's worked on thousands of rock/dance/pop/r&b/hip-hop.
REMIXES - We have done many remixes. Whether it be a dance/hip-hop or rock remix give us a call. We can also add some live instruments to your tracks and produce you in our studio or via the internet .
Email us for a Toll free phone consultation about your project. releases, many of them classics. He works with independents, he works with majors, and when you bring your project to LFR, he works with you.

Production: Remixes remix productions LFR Studio - Production + Eqs + Compression + Editing = Radio Ready = Internet Ready = Excellence Can't finish your tracks.. Need to take it to the next level. We can help. Play Record Production Play Film-TV-Advert Production Play Dance Remixes Play Rock Remixes Play Hip-Hop Remixes Play RnB - Reggaeton remixes Play but not limited to the above Email us for a Toll free phone consultation about your project. Check the Film-Tv-Advert Pages for samples of playing. We have played on hundred of records, demos, film-tv tracks. Remix Specialist : Ludwig Van & Dirty Bach dirty bach mixer Sir Dirty Bach ludwig van remixer Lord Ludwig Van Special on Mixing & Mastering Worldwide Service Communication Deadlines Met Express Mixing/ Mastering Done with Detail and Experience Let these gentlemen put a new spin on your material. Ludwig Van & Dirty Bach...Remix Specialists. Some of their latest creations include...but not limited to... Play Rock Play Hip- Hop Play Dance Play Electronic Play Drum n Bass Play R n B Play Reggaeton Play Pop Play Singer-Songwriter

Low Frequency Recordings

low frequency recordings

EDM Music label established 1992. Low Frequency Recordings was founded in 1992 by Craig Bevan after the breakup of the Bassment Records label. Low Frequency Recordings releases EDM, House, Dance And Hip-Hop Music. Binary Man Records was formed in 1996 for the release of Electronic/Electro and Techno music. Label

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