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Low Frequency Recording Studio

LFR Studio - Online Mixing - Done Right

Mixing ... that's where it all happens. You need to do it right. Thats where LFR Studio comes in. We know how to do. How to cooperate with the artist and get the results that matter.
  • LFR Studio - Mixing
  • + Levels
  • + Eq
  • + Compression
  • + EFX
  • + Editing
  • + Arrangement
  • = Radio Ready
  • = Internet Ready
  • = Excellence
  • You need new/experienced ears to help Mix your tracks !

    It's Just a quick & easy upload away.

  • Mixing
  • Vocal Tuning
  • Instrument alignment
  • Remixes
  • Radio Versions
  • Editing
  • Arrangements
  • Special on Mixing & Mastering
  • Worldwide Service
  • Communication
  • Deadlines Met
  • Express Mixing/ Mastering
  • Your tracks Done with Detail and Experience
  • Email us for a Toll free phone consultation about your project.

    Mix File : Details - Rules

    Easy -

    1. Call or email and discuss what your project needs.

    2. Get a custom quote.

    3. Follow the file rules on the mastering page.

    Send raw files - no eq-compressers- efx (unless they are integral to the sound)

    4. Upload your track or multiple tracks for your song.

    4. We mix your tracks.

    5. We submit them to you via upload service.


    Mixing: Tips

  • Make sure there are no phasing problems on stereo tracks.
  • Every instrument should not be in stereo. Too many instruments in stereo defeats the purpose and can make the mix sound smaller.
  • EQ FIlter the extreme ends of the audio spectrum for the particular instrument being eq'd. i.e kick drum - filter out the top end.
  • Watch out for the hitting of the mic stand with some vocals and instruments.
  • Record with light compression on individual instrumets -leave some room in the mixing stage for harder compression. Compression can not be undone.
  • When mixing do not use Maximizers or limiters on the main stereo bus. Get the mix sounding as good as possible without them. Leave them for mastering.
  • Use a steep Filter Eq for all tracks that do not have audio below 80hz and below.Take out the rumble

  • Upload Files : How it Works

    For both Mixing and Mastering files.
    1) Choose the company to use for uploading and download their FREE software. We like DropBox - Ease of use with multiple files. They have a very small piece of software used for transferring files. Up to 2 GIG TRANSFERS FOR FREE.
    2) Double check your audio files. Make sure they are the proper ones.
    3) Follow guidelines on mastering and mixing pages for file format.
    4) Put all your audio files into one folder on your hard drive.
    5) Use site software to upload your audio files to their server.
    6) Use our EMAIL address to send your folder location.