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LFR Studio Mastering..... We do it right.
This is where experience counts. Very few things are as important as mastering. We have mastered thousands of Masters for downloads, commercial CD's and vinyl. We know the problems and how to avoid them. Don't leave this crucial step to just anyone. We have some of the recording industries most comprehensive experience in editing radio versions, remix and DJ Mix/ beat syncing. Your music deserves the best mastering available. Look at our credits.
We have worked for many of the major and indie labels.
It's more affordable than you think.

Audio: Mastering

Online Mastering Done Right ! Just a quick & easy upload away.

Details - Rules

low frequency recordings


For best mastering results please follow these rules:

1. Do not normalize audio files
2. Supply tracks in WAVE- AIFF file format 16 or 24 bit - 44.1khz - 88.2khz. - 96khz. No MP3's or AAC etc.
3. Do not compress or maximize files (when we say compression we mean bus
"compression" over the whole mix that when once done can't be undone.
4. Label everything w/Artist/Titles/catalog #/ record co. name etc.
5. Leave mixes unfaded.
6. Create a mock up CD-R of the correct sequence and fades.
7. Listen to the files you are going to send. All your mixes/every second/ to make sure everything is correct.


LFR Studio - Online - Mixing - Mastering - Production
Low Frequency Recording Studio
{a.k.a} LFR Studio
lfrstudio.com LFR Studio = recording.. mastering.... production.. tracks.. remixes... editing.. dj beat mixing.
LFR is run by industry veteran Craig Bevan. Craig has over 20 years of studio production work. Literally thousands of tracks have gone thru Craig's hands. These releases range from hip-hop.... dance.... house.... drum n' bass.... rock.... electro.... pop.... r'n'b.... etc......... for the gamut of major and indie record companies. As a composer/ instrumentalist/producer his compositions and playing can be heard in film/tv and records.

Mastering: Vinyl

Certified Klänge

Mastering and recording for Vinyl Records is very different from CD's. We know the problems and make your mixes work on vinyl.
CD's can handle all sorts of low and high end information but Vinyl cannot. You are fighting three huge problems and many smaller ones with vinyl.
a) As the length (time) goes past a certain point (also effected by EQ etc.) the volume that the vinyl side can be cut is lowered.
b) Bass must be carefully watched. Low end makes the grooves get wider and use up precious space on the limited vinyl surface.... making less time and volume to be placed on that side.
c) Ess's and high frequency info - loud ess's and other very high audio information on a CD pose no problem but on vinyl it can be disastrous. High frequency info can kill a cutter needle. If the cutter makes it thru the side and the lacquer is used for pressing, the high end will distort or make the needle jump on the consumer's turntable.
d) 12 minutes a side is close to the optimum length for vinyl (eq/compression etc. also play a big factor in the optimum length of the side). If the side is longer than the optimum length, the volume of that side goes down...... and accelerates dramatically as the time increases.

Payment: Mastering Special

ISRC Codes:
LFR Studio does not give out these codes. They may be obtained from the RIAA (IFPI - Europe) for free. It usually takes 3-5 business days. We must have these codes if you want them on your CD MASTER before making the master. The codes must be embedded in your final CD Master. These codes are not mandatory and no agency requires them. But they are almost always needed for making physical CD's at manufacturing plants and they are requested at all the major download sale sites (ie ITunes, Amazon, Etc.). You can get ISRC info at the RIAA SITE. PQ CODE :
Simply put - Printout of the exact start and stop times of the tracks, Track length, pauses between tracks - ISRC codes. This info comes from the computer data and would be needed by the manufacturing plant to verify contents. All manufactures need this data. LFR Studio supplies this data only when making MASTER CD's.
UPC - Barcode - You only need one of these if you are going to sell physical CD's.
Upload Files : How it Works
For both Mixing and Mastering files.
1) Choose the company to use for uploading and download their FREE software. We like DropBox - Ease of use with multiple files. They have a very small piece of software used for transferring files. Up to 2 GIG TRANSFERS FOR FREE.
2) Double check your audio files. Make sure they are the proper ones.
3) Follow guidelines on mastering and mixing pages for file format.
4) Put all your audio files into one folder on your hard drive.
5) Use site software to upload your audio files to their server.
6) Use our EMAIL address to send your folder location.