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LFR Studio

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Low Frequency Recording Studio
Craig Bevan runs LFR Studio - he has over twenty years of experience as a recording and mastering engineer, programmer, and musician/composer, He's worked on thousands of rock/dance/pop/r&b/hip-hop releases, many of them classics. He works with independents, he works with majors, and when you bring your project to LFR, he works with you. LFR Studio - Online - Mixing - Mastering - Production
Low Frequency Recording Studio
{a.k.a} LFR Studio
lfrstudio.com LFR Studio = recording.. mastering.... production.. tracks.. remixes... editing.. dj beat mixing.
LFR is run by industry veteran Craig Bevan. Craig has over 20 years of studio production work. Literally thousands of tracks have gone thru Craig's hands. These releases range from hip-hop.... dance.... house.... drum n' bass.... rock.... electro.... pop.... r'n'b.... etc.........
for the gamut of major and indie record companies.
As a composer/ instrumentalist/producer his compositions and playing can be heard in film/tv and records.
He co-founded Bassment Records in 1985, which established itself as a powerful independent label in the burgeoning House/Rap scene. Bassment released Loose Bruce and A.R.C. Moe Rock's single "Brick House" on Arista and an album by Joey Kid on Atlantic Records, as well as over 100 underground Dance/House tracks.
Prior to starting Bassment, as a producer/mixer/engineer, Mr. Bevan worked with some of the premier independent and major labels including CBS, Elektra, Polydor, Atlantic, Vintertainment, Profile, Sleeping Bag, Tommy Boy, Select and others. Those seminal acts in the Rap/Dance genre included Dougie Fresh, Joeski Love, Africa Bambaataa, Dana Dane, Masterdon Committee, Champaign, Yazz and more.
His talents, however, run not only in the areas of producing, but to songwriting and performance as well. Guitar, keyboards and drum programming are his expertise, and have been included in most of the recordings he produced.

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An interview with Craig Bevan owner of LFR Studio - Low Frequency Recordings.

Low Frequency Recordings

low frequency recordings

EDM Music label established 1992. Low Frequency Recordings was founded in 1992 by Craig Bevan after the breakup of the Bassment Records label. Low Frequency Recordings releases EDM, House, Dance And Hip-Hop Music. Binary Man Records was formed in 1996 for the release of Electronic/Electro and Techno music. Label

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