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Craig Bevan runs LFR Studio - he has over twenty years of experience as a recording and mastering engineer, programmer, and musician/composer, He's worked on thousands of rock/dance/pop/r&b/hip-hop releases, many of them classics. He works with independents, he works with majors, and when you bring your project to LFR, he works with you. At LFR, Craig himself does the work. There are no middlemen, no subcontractors, no interns, no apprentices. Your project gets Craig's full and undivided attention; when you deal with Craig and LFR, you're dealing with the actual human doing the work and taking care of each detail.

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Mastering Special going on NOW! Indie - Major - Unsigned. We treat all tracks with the same respect. Check our client list.
We are fluent in a number of musical styles. We understand your music. >

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